Style SOS with Martha: What’s your colour? Let’s find out!

by Gazette Reporter

In this week’s column, Martha teaches us how to find the right colour to suit you and your colouring.

Want to look lovelier in one swift, simple, free move? Silly question, right!

All you’ve got to do is wear the right colours. This can transform your look from tired, blotchy and sickly to sparkly, glowy and gorgeous!

But what are YOUR right colours? On a basic level they are the ones which mimic your natural colouring and create harmony, ones too dissimilar look jarring. Using the Seasonal Colour Analysis (which is not totally inclusive, but a good place to start) is really quite simple. Still it took me years of denial and misspent money to finally accept that as a Winter I could never pull off posh in camel and beige or military cool in khaki, but boy can I do bright and cheery!

To find out which season you are all you have to do is answer these two questions.

  1. Is your undertone COOL or WARM?
  2. Are your features LIGHT or DARK?

If your skin leans towards being pinky, you find it difficult or impossible to tan, your veins are blue and you suit silver jewellery more than gold you have a COOL undertone.

If your skin is slightly yellow, olive or sallow, you tan easily, your veins are green and you suit gold jewellery more than silver you have a warm undertone.

Once you have worked out your undertone you have automatically narrowed the four seasons down to two, as Spring and Autumn are warm, Summer and Winter are cool.

For the next step examine your hair and eyes and decide whether collectively they are DARK e.g. Brown, black, hazel, or LIGHT e.g. blonde, ash brown, blue, light grey.

Then combine your two findings.

If you are warm toned and light you are Spring.

Warm toned and dark you are Autumn.

Cool toned and light is Summer.

Cool toned and dark is Winter.

Once you have figured out your season a quick online search will bring up an extensive colour palette for you. While it might seem restrictive to limit yourself to a palette, you will find that your suggested colours blend with each other beautifully, giving you a much more mix/matchable wardrobe.

And remember rules are meant to be broken, especially when it comes to fashion.

As a Winter with Autumn envy I often choose colours from its rich, golden toned palette but I know I won’t look as well when I do. A handy tip to counteract this is to wear your better colours on the top half or even a lipstick in a colour that suits you because it’s the shade closet to your face that matters most.

Colour analysis shouldn’t be about limiting your fashion choices but about arming you with valuable knowledge so when you’re in the mood to really shine you know how to swiftly, simply and freely go about it!

Martha is a Personal Stylist and Image Consultant. To find out more visit or follow Martha on Facebook/Instagram @MarthasLookingGlass

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