Style SOS with Martha: Moving your wardrobe into a new phase

by Gazette Reporter

Our style columnist, Martha Gilheany, discusses the perfect way to transition your wardrobe as we approach the cooler months.

October is definitely the trickiest time of year when it comes to dressing. A few weeks ago I wore a maxi with no jacket until 9pm and was perfectly snug, days later I was in a wooly jumper and boots. It’s an impossible time to plan outfits.

First thing I do when I wake up is check the weather app, then try to dress accordingly. I appreciate that it is hard but I hate seeing winter eager people totally abandoning their lighter layers and jumping straight back into their winter wardrobes regardless of the temperature.

When it comes to tights especially, I think it is important to stagger the density of your deniers. I recommend moving from bare legs to skin coloured tights in September.

Early October is the perfect time for barely blacks and by Halloween it is full on thick, black and cosy. This tights plan is not just for the sake of your style, but your sanity. By April you’ll be itching to get your pasty pins back out into the fresh air again, so why not stall it on this end for as long as you can.

On the other hand, I would urge anyone who hasn’t packed away their extra bright, light summer clothes to do so now.

When I was a child, my Mum encouraged us to put a selection of toys into storage for a few months and later switch them out. The reason being that we get tired of looking at the same items every day. When I would return to these toys months later, they flooded me with renewed joy.

Packing away, then rediscovering your summer (and winter) wardrobes has almost same effect as being reunited with your cabbage patch kids, so I highly recommend it! Besides who has the wardrobe space for both? If you do, I am immensely jealous.

I tend to hold onto blouses and a selection of t-shirts, as well as jeans all year round, but dresses, skirts and trousers that are particularly summery have already been sent to my attic.

Being faced with them in the morning would only make getting dressed more complicated. This, along with the weather app, the right tights and layering should see you through until November. Still, until then, I wish you luck!

Martha is a Personal Stylist and Image Consultant. To find out more visit or follow Martha on Facebook/Instagram @MarthasLookingGlass

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