Texas-inspired style comes to the fore for River Island this season

by Rachel Darcy

As we come into the slightly warmer time of the year – meaning a degree or two higher than freezing – our minds have turned to what lies ahead for Summer.

This year, so-called ‘texan chic’ is playing a part in trends in a big way. From faux leather to tassles to prairie style dresses, looking like you’re on your way to a punk concert in the deep south is what’s in this season, for the most part.

Whilst most of the high street will be taking a turn at this trend, River Island have launched a range of the styles that will suit all body shapes and all tastes.

From tassled statement dresses to ruffled, delicate two-pieces, there’s a garment to suit everyone on offer this Spring and Suffer. All of these styles are available now from River Island.

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