Do you know how clean is the inside of your make up bag is?

by Rachel Darcy

Let’s face it – not everyone is the best at keeping their make up brushes the cleanest, or keeping tabs on when make up is set to expire. 

In a new survey, PrettyLittleThing (PLT) have spilled the dirt on Ireland’s make up habits, discovering that 12% of people never clean their bags, or keep make up nearly three times longer than their recommended life spans. 

PLT conducted a survey as well as a petri dish experiment to reveal the truth inside our makeup bags. 

The survey found that over one in 10 of us are not keeping our products as squeaky clean as they should be, with tweezers (17.2%), pencil sharpeners (17%) and the actual cosmetic bag (12%) the items that are most usually left uncleaned. 

To reveal the consequences of not cleaning our makeup bags, PLT’s petri dish experiment which compared someone who sanitises and wipes down their bag and its contents every day, to someone who does this rarely. 

Beauty sponges can seem clean, and it’s recommended we wash our beauty sponge after every use and replace it every four to six months. PLT’s comparison between a regularly cleaned beauty sponge (pic left) and one that is rarely cleaned (right) reveals why.

According to the survey, eyeshadow is being kept in our makeup collections for 12 months, making cleaning this product even more important. 

Amy Simon, Head of PR at PrettyLittleThing, said: “We’re all trying to be as consciously clean as possible and our makeup bags shouldn’t be exempt from this. We wanted to highlight the importance of cleaning your makeup bags and its contents regularly, to not only maintain your products but to also benefit the health of your skin. 

“Make sure to look out for your skin and your collection by cleaning your products each week, and thoroughly washing them once a month.”

For more information, visit the PLT website here.

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