Style SOS with Martha: What Goes Around Comes Around

by Gazette Reporter

In the first edition of our new style column, personal shopper Martha Gilheaney talks about recurring trends.

New season trends will soon be hitting the shops. But when you are not so new yourself, it can seem like you have seen it all before.

We’ve all heard the infamous ‘They’ say – ‘Don’t throw anything out, everything comes back.’

But what would Marie Kondo say? Even if you haven’t seen the popular Netflix show you probably know – ‘Does this spark joy?’

If you’d been holding shoulder pads, cycling shorts or a scrunchie a mere handful of years ago you would’ve responded with an ‘Eugh, yuck, no.’ Maybe you still would, they are divisive items, but the shops are full of them, so somebody’s buying.

While we like to imagine we’re not such slaves to fashion, turns out, most of the time, we are.

As the trends fade so do our affection for them and we’re only too happy to bag them up and send them on their second hand way.

Fashion forecasters say that trends resurface approximately twenty years after they originally hit. Looking back twenty years to 1999, the year of The Matrix and what do you see? Very little through those micro shades you’re sporting once more!

Just the other day, while sifting through a rail of flares, a woman in a jaded tone said.

‘You flares shopping too?’

‘I can’t believe it, but yes I am.’

I was happy, she looked downcast. I imagine her regretfully thinking, ’If only I hadn’t thrown out that great pair in the seventies.’

But don’t you get down too, it’s not all recycled matter. Even it the trends are old, the way we wear them doesn’t have to be as there’s so much more creativity and flexibility in the way we blend them.

One fine example is how runners, the most casual and comfortable of footwear, have finally become acceptable in all situations, with all outfits. And I for one appreciate the mere minutes it has shaven off my city centre commute not having to navigate slippery city centre cobbles in heels!

So this is what it boils down to, if you love it, keep it. If you want to keep it fresh, then mix old with new, vintage with high street, sporty with classic, pink with red, polka dots with stripes (you get the idea) and you’ll be newer than any of the new (actually old) trends going!

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