‘A natural fit’: Naomi Clarke on trends, style and her Littlewoods collab

by Rachel Darcy

With her new collection for Littlewoods Ireland flying off the virtual shelves, Dublin Gazette caught up with The Style Fairy, also known as Naomi Clarke, to talk all things blogging and fashion, and of course her new collection for the online retailer. 

What inspired you to first set up your blog?

I have always been fashion obsessed and knew I wanted my own business but I wasn’t sure how that would manifest. I studied business and economics in Trinity and years working in both PR and fashion, here in Ireland and in Sydney and Singapore, before I came up with the concept of The Style Fairy.

I launched in October 2013 as a personal styling service; I provided one to one personal shopping, virtual personal shopping, and so on. When I was in the shops preparing for clients I would take photos of what was in stores and post it online. 

People loved this; when I started it was mainly on Facebook and my following started to grow. People loved seeing what was in store and my advice and ideas on how to style pieces.

How has the blogging landscape changed since you began blogging? what do you believe is the future of blogging?

It has changed drastically since I began in 2013. Back when I started there were only a handful of fashion bloggers. 

The blogging industry in Ireland now is huge and every day there is a new blog! Brands are working more actively with content creators and seeing the value in being able to reach their target audiences through collaborating with the right bloggers. In terms of the future, I think video is the fastest growing trend. It requires content creators to be more innovative and creative.

How has your style progressed?

I think my style has evolved and grown as I have. I am now a mother of two, Anabelle (5) and Luna May (2) and that obviously changes you massively in every way, including how you dress. I think over the years my style has become more refined, more paired back, I’m also a more conscious shopper now. I experimented a lot with fashion in my younger years, trying to find my way.

Now in my thirties, I’m more confident in myself and feel I know my own style, and embrace that. I know what suits me both in terms of shapes, styles and colours and I always try to ensure I tick those boxes instead of chasing trends.

What are your current favourite trends? What do you see being big this Autumn/Winter?

I love dressing for Autumn, it’s definitely my favourite season in terms of fashion. Fashion is so cyclical; so many of my favourite trends are back this year; biker style boots, leather, animal print. Some key trends infiltrating the season are the revival of the cardigan, frilly and oversized collars, exaggerated sleeves on knits, tops and dresses, plus big shoulders and shoulder pads. In terms of colours; rusts and red are really having their moment. I think it’s always nice to incorporate some trends if it fits with your style – you can do it without being a slave to trends.

How did the Littlewoods Ireland collection come to fruition, how long have you been working on it?

We have been working on this since the start of 2020, Covid certainly hasn’t made things easy and it’s had its impact. I have a long-standing relationship with Littlewoods Ireland, they were one of the first brands to collaborate with me when I first started, they really took a chance and believed in me. It feels like we have come full circle. It feels like such a natural and organic fit between myself and Littlewoods. I have always been a fan so when we spoke in January this was just a no brainer for me.

What was important for you to include in the collection?

Versatile pieces; pieces that could be mixed and matched in lots of ways so they earn their place in your wardrobe. I wanted to ensure the collections were timeless and classic; pieces that won’t date. Take for example the navy long line blazer; a stand out piece in our first collection; it’s this type of piece that will never date, you can take that out of your wardrobe years from now and it’ll still be chic and stylish. Same can be said for the camel coat in the second collection; a timeless wardrobe must have. It was important that both collections were signature Style Fairy, that you can see me wearing and styling every piece.

What is your must have from the collection?

My must have in my October edit is the camel coat; as I said earlier, a piece that will never date, and will be a wardrobe staple for years to come. I also adore the black star print dress, it’s so versatile, and easy to dress up or down. I love it worn with the biker boots.

Do you have any advice for anyone looking to venture into the world of blogging?

Stay true to yourself, never try to be someone you are not, people can see through that. Believe in yourself, be consistent and keep going.

Check out Naomi’s collection for Littlewoods Ireland here.

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