The first ever Inglot Awards show to be a ‘celebration’ of make-up

by Rachel Darcy

Ever since it entered onto the Irish beauty scene in 2009, Inglot have become a household name to anyone with a love of beauty across Ireland.

Jane Swarbrigg, alongside her mum Geraldine and brother Peter, were responsible for introducing Inglot to Ireland back in 2009 when they opened their first store in Liffey Valley.

Speaking to Dublin Gazette, Jane said: “It’s amazing, I keep calling us the babies of the make-up industry here in Ireland, but after nearly nine years, I can’t really call us babies anymore!”

Inglot have set an industry standard across Ireland, with their use of social media marketing, and creative make up artists within their stores being able to recreate any and all looks.

“Any look that a client brings into our store, say they see something on Instagram, it’s important that our artists can recreate that. We have these trend Thursdays, where we encourage our artists to be as creative as they can – it’s amazing what they can do, what all artists can do,” Jane explained.

On March 26, the brand will host their first annual Inglot Award show in the Raddisson Blu Hotel in Dublin City, on a night that founder Jane Swarbrigg promises to be a ‘celebration’ of make up across the board, not just Inglot.

“It’s going to be glamorous. I wanted to put something together to celebrate not just the Inglot family, but make up and undiscovered artists as a whole,” she told Dublin Gazette. “I have a lot planned, there’s set to be exciting entertainment and everything.”

There will be 11 categories over all on the night, for Inglot Make-up Artists, artists with a high social media following, and artists who were previously with Inglot and since left.

The awards aren’t just for artists either, with Jane saying there will be 200 tickets available for fans to attend on the night, as well as a special ‘Inglot Addict’ award for their biggest fan, as voted by the public.

The shortlist of those nominated is available now on, with voting open until this Sunday, March 11.

Jane Swarbrigg and Inglot are also delighted to announce that the Inglot roadshows are returning this March and will be taking place in new locations across the country.

The roadshows will provide expert tips and tricks. Tickets are €15 and available at

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