Fashionable frames are all about personal style

by Rachel Darcy

Those over 40 might find it difficult to try and adapt what may seem like younger trends to their wardrobe or personal style, but what if we told you that trends don’t really matter at all?

We caught up with renowned fashion stylist, Cathy O’Connor, who told us that it isn’t trends that matter, but your own unique personal style.

“I’m not really about trends, I’m about style. Style is what makes you comfortable, what you feel good wearing. Really good style, to me, is where you can wear something and forget about it.

“Even if it’s a bold blouse, those chunky trainers that are in at the minute, as long as you’re comfortable, that’s what’s in style,” Cathy said.

“A lot of people think once you get older you need to sacrifice fashion for comfort, and that’s not the case. You can wear whatever you want, as long as it works for you, your body shape, your lifestyle. Trends come and go, but your personal style always lives on.

“It’s easy to pick out parts of trends that we like and to work them into our wardrobe with colours we like or that compliment us, but it isn’t essential to fully dive into a trend if it doesn’t work for you.”

Cathy was speaking to us as she partners with Vision Express to launch their Over 40s Eye Health campaign, a drive to encourage regular bi-annual check ups on your eye health.

With glasses becoming ever more stylish, we had to ask the fashionista about picking glasses that complement your face and style.

“Tom Ford has some of the nicest glasses, he’s a favourite of mine for eye wear, but styles that I liked weren’t necessarily suited to my face.

“When I went to pick out my glasses, the team at Vision Express couldn’t have been more helpful – I went in with my heart set on these beautiful Tom Ford frames, but a lovely and honest gentleman in the store told me I might be better suited to something else, and he was right.

“It’s important when picking glasses to get a pair that work with the prescription you need, and your own style. Tortoiseshell is effortlessly glam, but those clear glasses are also in at the minute as well, they have a really modern look.

“A great tip for when you’re picking out glasses is to get frames that just graze the tip of your cheek – nothing too big, as cool as they might look!”

Irish fashion stylist, Cathy O’Connor, has partnered with Vision Express to launch the Over 40s Eye Health Campaign and to highlight the importance of having regular eye tests.

For more information or to make an eye test appointment, visit

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