Keep your home looking cool this Christmas with EZ Living Furniture

by Gazette Reporter

While decorating your Christmas tree each year is a major tradition, the way we are decorating it today has become anything but!

People are saying goodbye to their flimsy tinsel, and multicoloured lights and instead, giving a big warm welcome to bold and often themed décor.

People are creatures of habit and don’t like change but guess what – your interior does! It’s okay to be afraid of change, but sometimes change might be exactly what your interior both needs and deserves!

Lucky for you, EZ Living Furniture are giving us their top tips to make the most out of our themed Christmas decorations.

Ready for some themed tips? Let’s get started!

Start the season off right!
In order to make the most of your theme, it is important to invest in a tree that’s durable and will withstand the festive season (and the surprisingly heavy baubles!). Whether you invest in a green tree or a frosted white one, your tree will set the tone for your theme!

Theme your Tree!
Before you start decorating, pick one central theme that everything can be tied to. Themes don’t have to come from a colour, they can also have many different sources such as shapes, patterns, symbols, and even moods. Pick a theme and stick to it!

Light it Up!
Start with the lights first. Whether you decide on warm yellow hues, multicoloured lights, or sparkling whites. Weave your lights from the top of the tree right down to the bottom and work your way back up. Make sure to test the lights before you start on your baubles as lights will be the most intricate part to redo.

Balance your Baubles!
In order to create the most aesthetic look, EZ Living Furniture are suggesting you invest in 3 different sized baubles. This will add flair to your tree!

Theme it with a Topper!
In order to really perfect your theme, your tree topper should be the perfect finishing touch! Invest in a show stopper that you will be proud of!

After all, it is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation!

For more information simply log onto , or call into any of EZ Living Furniture’s Christmas departments Nationwide!

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