Find out what your decor says about you this Spring

by Gazette Reporter

Ever notice how we might dress in darker colours in winter than we do in spring? Well, if you think your clothes reflect you, imagine what your home décor says!

It’s true what they say: when our words fail, our interior speaks for us.

EZ Living Furniture have shed light on what we are saying, or in fact, not saying by the décor we choose for our homes.

Are you bold?

If your home is surrounded by more primary than neutral colours, it’s safe to say you like expressing yourself. You’re confident, loud and proud. If you’re drawn to more neutral tones and pastel shades, it could show that you enjoy the little things in life and refrain from being the centre of attention.

Are you a people person?

The amount of seating areas in your home can show how social you are. If you have multiple seating areas and even back-up stools, you could be the life of the party. If you have minimal seating, you are more introverted in nature and find yourself recharging in your own company.

Are you up the walls?

When people have different artwork or photos on their wall, it shows they welcome change. This love for change is further heightened when you’re comfortable with changing up your wall’s décor.

Are you barely there?

When a person is afraid of committment, this is often expressed by their lack of furniture. When they haven’t planted roots in either a job, relationship, or even house, there may be a lack of sofas, artwork, or accessories. When observing someone’s home, look for the bare necessities.

Are you driven?

When a person is more goal-oriented they may opt for more of a theme-based interior. You have drive and ambition that helps you keep up with the latest trends. However, if your home is less theme- focused and more natural, this may indicate that you’re more of a “go with the flow” type of person.

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