Motoring review: Ford’s new Focus ST is a terrific new variation

by Gazette Reporter

Words by Declan Glynn

Back in 2002, Ford launched its very first fast Focus, the ST170.

Now, three generations later, petrol power for Ford’s latest Focus ST comes courtesy of a 2.3-litre four-cylinder (EcoBoost) engine, which boasts 280bhp, and a whopping 420Nm of torque for swift acceleration.

The all-new Focus ST boasts an aggressively-sculpted signature exterior, with a large rear spoiler designed to enhance aerodynamic performance.

An all-new selectable drive mode feature (conveniently located on the steering wheel) lets the ST driver tailor the car’s drivability to suit the road conditions at hand.

These modes comprise Normal, Sport, Slippery, and Track options, with each mode capable of providing the driver with the requested assistance at all times.

The Ford Focus ST is also available with a 2.0-litre turbo-diesel unit producing 190bhp, while a slick six-speed manual gearbox comes as standard, as does front wheel drive.

There is no automatic gearbox or all-wheel-drive option available in the new fast Focus.

My review car was a 2.3-litre EcoBoost Ford Focus ST-2 5-door, which was finished in Ford Performance Blue paintwork.

Featuring anti-lag and Electronic Limited Slip Differential (eLSD) technologies, the new Focus ST is the most powerful, agile, and responsive yet, and is the product of engineering genius from the Ford Performance professionals.

The standard equipment in the new Focus ST is impressive, with a host of optional extras available for the ultimate in individual personalisation.

Capable of a top speed of 250kmph, the Focus ST can go from 0-100kmph in just 5.7-seconds.

Co2 emissions of 179gpkm translates into annual road tax of €750, while a fuel return of 8.2l/100km is possible from a combined driving cycle.

On the road, the new Focus ST really does show its true colours, with exhilarating driving dynamics and effortless acceleration taking centre stage, while strong brakes ensure that the Focus ST stops with the same urgency with which it accelerates.

Providing exciting handling, and everyday usability, the new Ford Focus ST could very well be the only performance car you could ever need.

With pricing from €41,099 (ex-delivery), the Focus ST adds affordability to the performance car mix, too.

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