Recently released sales figures from the Society of the Irish Motor Industry (SIMI) for the month of January indicate a massive increase in the number of fully electric cars sold throughout Ireland – with 811 sold that month alone.

When compared to January 2018’s 104 sales, it’s easy to see that an electric car revolution is taking hold.

Nissan is one of the leading car manufacturers capitalising on this upward trend, with their all-new LEAF attracting 296 customers in January 2019, as opposed to 54 customers in the same period last year – representing a gigantic 448% increase.

Part of its appeal, of course, comes from its charging – two charging sockets are located under a neatly designed flap in the nose of the car, while a three-pin plug cable and a standard charging cable are stored neatly in the boot.

Charging will take 21 hours from empty to 100% off a household plug, 7.5 hours with a home 7kw charger, or you can get an 80% charge in 40 minutes from a 50kw fast charger.

New technology fast-charge units are due to be rolled out in the next 12 months which will, potentially, allow the car to receive an 80% charge from empty in as little as 10 minutes.

The all-new Nissan LEAF is available in three trim levels – SV, SV Premium and SVE, with the standard equipment levels being hugely impressive.

Even the entry-level SV model comes equipped with features such as 16” alloy wheels, rear privacy glass, leather multi-function steering wheel, a heat pump, intelligent cruise control, Nissan Connect infotainment system and many, many more features, while the other models get a dizzying range of features, too.

On test this week was a new Nissan LEAF 40kwh SV Premium model, in a black, executive finish feel.

In terms of acceleration, Nissan’s new 40kwh battery pack and inverter will propel the car from 0-100km/h is a lively 7.9 seconds.

Press the accelerator pedal and you will be rewarded with an instant and seamless rush of torque – which is 26% higher than that of the first generation LEAF.

Standard across the new Nissan LEAF range is stunning new technology which Nissan calls the ePedal, selected by a toggle-switch by the gear selector, and allowing you to drive the car with one pedal alone.

Enough braking effort is applied when you lift off the accelerator to slow the car to a complete stop, while the brake lights illuminate at the back of the car in the normal fashion.

The use of the ePedal is entirely optional and a brake pedal is located in the usual place for drivers who prefer to brake for themselves.

Nissan’s engineers have endowed the car with excellent driving dynamics.

Build quality throughout is excellent and the materials used feel durable and family-friendly, while a 435-litre boot will cater for the needs of most families too.

The new Nissan LEAF is priced from €28,690 (inclusive of a €5,000 Government/SEAI grant for private buyers).

Nissan’s three-year/100,000km warranty comes as standard. Switch to a 100% electric car and you get to say goodbye to petrol, or diesel, and hello to tax credits, incentives and reduced routine maintenance costs.

And for the new Nissan LEAF price, you get a really roomy family car, too.