As winter temperatures start to plummet into single figures, tyre specialists Michelin is advising motorists to fit tyres designed specifically for winter conditions with compounds that remain flexible to improve grip and braking.

The French tyre company recently launched their CrossClimate+ fitments, which are tyres built to offer improved traction on snow-covered or wet and cold roads as well as year-round performance.

These new tyres are designed to counter the changeable weather that constantly afflicts Irish roads. Michelin claims that the new range offers the benefits of a summer tyre for dry and wet braking, energy efficiency and total mileage, while also boasting the braking performance and traction of a winter tyre on cold and snow-covered roads, with little difference in performance as the tyre tread wears down.

Following a series of UK independent tests, Michelin’s CrossClimate+ range, currently available in 15 to 18-inch sizes, has recently been named as the ‘best all-season tyre’ by magazine Auto Express.


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