Get Stronger Hair with Klorane

by Amy Rohu

BY Amy Rohu

Did you know hair thinning effects almost 80 percent of women? Causes can include hormonal imbalances, postpartum and stress.

Botanical French haircare brand Klorane have just launched two new products to help strengthen your hair including a Hair Strengthening Serum (€31) and Keratin Capsules (€24). The products are part of the brands Quinine range.

With 98% natural ingredients Klorane Hair Strengthening Serum is a gentle yet powerful answer to strengthen hair and help reduce hair loss. The non-greasy texture means it can be applied to dry or wet hair without weighing it down and addition of menthol leaves the scalp feeling fresh and soothed.

The Quinine KERATINcaps contain Zinc and selenium to help nourish the hair bulb, supporting fuller, thicker and shinier looking hair and even your nails too.

Reactional hair loss has a number of causes including stress. Speaking about this kind of hair loss Trichologist Clare Devereux says, “With a global pandemic, I’m seeing more and more patients suffering with hair loss due to stress. We don’t realise how stress can affect the wellbeing of our hair and scalp. Stress can cause Telogen effluvium and this is what I am seeing patients experience at the moment. This is a term given to excessive hair shedding.”

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She added: “Seeing excessive hair loss adds to the stress levels and so the cycle continues. This type of hair loss is usually temporary but it is important to try and do things to help you to relax like taking a walk or mediating for a few minutes a day. A healthy diet also helps greatly.

These new products from Klorane are available now in pharmacies nationwide.

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