Dubliners Favourite Takeaway is Chinese 10 Years In A Row

by Amy Rohu

By Amy Rohu

Ireland’s leading takeaway service Just Eat have revealed some of Ireland’s most popular orders from the last decade. Their ‘Takeaway Race’ findings show what the people of Dublin have been ordering most over the last 10 years.

According to the study, Dublin’s top takeaway choice for 2020 was Chinese, followed by pizza at a close second, with fish & chips taking the 3rd spot. With the closure of restaurants due to lockdown, more people have been ordering takeaway than ever before, with a huge increase in pizza orders. According to the results, pizza made up 30% of all Just Eat Ireland’s total orders last year. 

Chinese has dominated the top spot for the last decade in the capital with it being the number 1 takeaway order for Dubliners since 2010.

Dublin takeaway orders have increased by 87.88% in the last ten years with healthier options being favoured since 2015, including more interest in gluten-free options. In the last year alone, vegan orders have increased by 65%.

For more information and to view Just Eats ‘Takeaway Race’ tool see just-eat.ie.

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