Java Republic’s bean busy training baristas

by Rachel Darcy

One of Ireland’s best-known coffee roasters has become the first Irish company to be awarded the Premier Training Campus certification.

Java Republic, which is also billed as one of Ireland’s top tea partners, were awarded the accreditation by the Specialty Coffee Association.

The accreditation means that Java Republic’s barista training school complies with standards for education excellence, and also recognises the unique setting of Java Republic for coffee education.

Founded by David McKernan in 1999, Java Republic are an independent, Irish-owned company who have been offering barista training since opening their doors almost 20 years ago.

Java Republic are also home to Vini Arruda, the first accredited Speciality Coffee Association trainer in Ireland.

Commenting on the certification, the managing director of Java Republic, Grace O’Shaughnessy, said: “At Java Republic we are always willing to go further, dig deeper and aim higher.

“With education at the heart of everything we do, the SCA Premier Training Campus certification is an important team achievement which acknowledges our dedication to providing world-class coffee with a conscience in every cup.”

More than 1,200 venues across the country use Java Republic’s ethically-sourced coffee beans, with the company ensuring training is given to those using their coffee so their beans are prepared for the best ‘cuppa joe’.

Foundation courses in barista training take place on July 31 and September 11, with prices starting at €180. More information is available from

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