It’s all about Bohemian and plants, plants, plants

by Jessica Maile

It may still may be a bit dreary and cold outside despite the fact that Spring is finally here but that doesn’t mean your home can’t be the picture of tropical cosiness.

The biggest trend in home styling is the free-spirited Bohemian look. But this is not the Bohemian look of the past – it’s more refined and, dare I say, a bit more simplified.
Its DNA is based in the eccentric Bohemian look of the past when it was a much more theatrical look.

The use of intricate patterns, the eclectic mix of used and new furniture, tassles and beads, tons of plants and a rainbow of colours is the backbone of the look even today.
Throw in some crystals, candles and plenty of soft furnishings and you’ve got a care-free living space that can be an oasis from the outside world.


Penney’s copper wire terrarium €6

One of the easiest ways to turn your home into said oasis is incorporating plants into your rooms.
These can be actual living plants, fake ones if you don’t have a green thumb, and the use of leaf and frond motifs on blankets, cushions and wallpaper.
Plants such as cacti, succulents and tropical palms with big broad leaves really freshen up any space.


Penneys Supersoft throw from the Palm Springs collection €6

Fiddle leaf fig, split-leaf philodendron, rubber, Bird of Paradise and palm plants offer medium to large fronds to make a big statement in a room.
Ficus trees are a good go-to as well. They are great for a mini tree look and are easy to care for.


Debenhams succulents €15

For smaller plants you can group together, cacti and succulents are always a fun route to go. There are many different plants in all kinds of sizes shapes and colours and, for most, the care is minimal.

The next thing is to consider their containers. Go for looks such as copper, ceramic, or terra cotta. Just mix up sizes and texures to keep visual interest.
Also consider hanging plants to add depth to your space. The 70s throwback macrame pot holders are back in a big way and also bring in more texture.


Next Plant applique cushion €16

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