Howya Masks

by Gazette Reporter

The Irish Socks company has added a novelty range of ‘Howya’ face masks to add to its new season sock collection.

“We wanted to help in some way to ease people’s worries so we thought we could help by producing a simple and slightly less scary face mask,” explained company spokeswoman Joanna.

“The Howya face mask might at least bring a smile to people on the street or in areas of high stress it brings the human element back into focus.”

Socks are now the new shoes with the world staying at home, so there has never been a better time to add some colour, style and chat to what you’re wearing south of the ankle.

The new line of face masks (€4) sum up the nation’s everyday mood with musings such as: Sure Look it, Grand, Feck It, Ahoy, Gone Bananas. To order yours click here where you can also sign up and buy a monthly subscription for you or for someone who loves socks.

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