Own a Fitbit or Garmin – tracker can be a useful motivator

by Gazette Reporter

Hands up if you own a Fitbit or Garmin? Yay! good for you. Hands up if you use it every day hmm, not so many hands up!

We know the positive impact that exercise has on our health and wellbeing. We also know that using a Fitness tracker can be a useful motivator. So why is yours sitting unused and unloved in a drawer somewhere, possibly still unopened in its box, an unwanted gift or an impulse purchase?

Let’s leave aside the health and wellness benefits of using your Fitbit for a minute and let me give you another incentive to fall back in love with your tracker/ smart watch.

Euros and The Craic, yep good old fun and money in your pocket. Feeling motivated now?

Let me explain, Activ.ie in partnership with the Dublin Gazette want to invite you and your family members to join our Active Reader programme. Connect your Fitbit or Garmin to the rewards platform to collect points as you move. Use your points to download up to 50% off codes for nights out in Dublin, hair salons, family days out, sport and gym kit, cinema tickets, theatre tickets, spa days and money off offers from major stores. And that’s not all, each time you redeem an offer code, we will pay you up to €1 in digital coins for every €10 that you spend with our rewards partners. You can spend your coins on shopping vouchers for Dunnes Stores, Supervalu, Aldi, Tesco or download your coins as cash to a paypal or stripe account. Handy in these days of ever-increasing food and petrol prices.

So how does it work? we don’t expect you to run 5 miles a day or join a gym, just move a bit more, go for a daily walk in the park, cycle to work, get off the bus one stop earlier, walk the dog or use the stairs instead of the lift. It all counts and you will collect reward points as you move. There is no app to download or daily workouts or food diary to upload, we get all the data we need, automatically from your Fitbit or Garmin device once you connect https://activ.ie/active-reader/

You set your own goals and we reward you with points each time you hit a goal. Collect bonus points when you exceed or meet Government recommended exercise goals. The Active Reader platform lets you view your daily and weekly progress, goals hit and points balance all in one easy to navigate user panel and better still there is no app to download! I know right? Just log on to the platform on your mobile, pc, laptop or tablet and start to get rewarded for being active.

You can subscribe to the Active Reader programme for just €1.25 per week. That’s less than the price of a cup a coffee! Oh, and we have vouchers for Coffee too!

Don’t have a Fitbit or Garmin? No problem we have those too, you can buy one from us and we will ship it straight to your door and you don’t have to pay the monthly subscription for 12 months. Awesome!

Join us https://activ.ie/active-reader/

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