Los Angeles is the perfect spot for lovers of television and film alike, make no mistake. There’s an incomprehensible buzz around walking down the street, knowing there’s the potential of seeing some form of celebrity.

While it wasn’t our primary reason for visiting the West Coast, we delved into several of the regular television-based tourist tropes during our time in LA.

LA has a few studio tours on offer, but as Pretty Little Liars and Shameless fans, we decided to take a trip to the Warner Brothers’ Studios.

A short five minutes’ away from our AirBnB letting, it eased us into LA culture and gave us the opportunity to see where our favourite shows were made.

We chose to book our tour with the Go Card; it’s a card that allows you book several attractions with a 10% discount, as opposed to paying ‘gate price’, and all your attractions were on their smartphone app rather than a million different tickets that could’ve easily gotten lost!

Our guide seemed a little rushed at times, but ultimately had an abundance of knowledge we wouldn’t have found elsewhere.

He made sure to check in with the members of our group to find out our favourite shows, making sure to cater to our interests.

As a result, we saw ‘Stars Hollow’ from Gilmore Girls, the courthouse from Back to the Future, the soundstage from the Big Bang Theory and more. A cup of coffee at Friends’ Central Perk cafe finished off the tour.

Deciding one film set wasn’t enough, we also took a trip to Universal Studios.
The studio tour at Universal is only available if you purchase a theme park ticket, but it really is worth it to get to explore both.


It’s a more interactive tour, and while you don’t get the chance to actually get off the cart and explore, you’re taken through a number of ‘rides’, including a Fast and The Furious experience, and a 360 King Kong adventure.

There was an ‘A-List’ Western filming when we were there, as well as a handful of TV shows, only adding to the excitement.

When in LA, there’s also an opportunity to book into the audience of a TV show through a website called 1iota.

There’re a few shows on offer, including The Voice and Jimmy Kimmel. The chance of getting tickets for a show are slim, but if you ever wanted to see how a talk show or award show is made, it’s a definite must-do if you have the time for it.

My advice would be to keep checking in on the site; you never know what shows might pop up.

We applied for free tickets to the Radio Disney Music Awards, an annual event targeted toward younger people.

Filming took up a whole day, but it was incredibly exciting. We were assigned ‘seat fillers’ and ended up sitting amongst the celebrities in the third row of the Dolby Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard – the same venue as the Oscars, if you don’t mind!

Stars such as Janet Jackson, Meghan Trainor, Charlie Puth, Kelly Clarkson and Carrie

Underwood all made appearances just a few feet away from us – you wouldn’t get that back home!

In all, LA has a lot to offer for anyone interested in a bit of celebrity spotting. There’re film premieres a go-go (we managed to see Paul Rudd on our travels), studio tours for every taste and something filming on every corner.

Of course, LA has a multitude more to offer; the more time you spend, the more you’ll find …
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