Davy’s got all the answers – but are any right?

by Gazette Reporter

I’ve started taking vitamin tablets recently. I never used to take them but seeing as how January has been extended for three months, I felt I was lacking in a bit of the auld Vitamin D.

So it was great that the sun finally popped out a bit this week and I could finally get out for a bit of a walk. I do enjoy having a bit of a stroll once the evenings start showing a bit of the grand stretch.

I’ve gotten into podcasts lately so I’ll sometimes stick me headphones in as I wander around the park – just them normal headphones now, not them Beats by Whatshisname that cost the GDP of Mozambique.

It’s a fierce peaceful way of spending an hour or so. At the risk of going full-on hippy, it’s quite tranquil – or at least it was until I bumped into Davy. I swear the fella follows me sometimes. Everywhere I turn, he’s there.

Anyway, I hadn’t seen him for a while so we sat down on a bench for a chat, instantly transporting me from my tranquil place and back to a much stranger place all together.

Davy’s never been all that tech-savvy but Maureen got him a smartphone for Christmas and he’s finally figured out how to use the apps and that. (Took four months, but that’s our Davy.)

“It’s great,” he says to me. “I can get all the news and everything. All on this little phone.”

“Most of us have been doing that for about ten years, Davy,” I says.

I was thinking of mentioning the podcasts to him but that would perplex him all together, so I thought better of it.

“Go way out of that,” he says. “I know I’m a bit late to the party but I’m glad I’ve got the hang of it now. All the news and everything is here.

“Like, I was reading there that they’re talking about Ireland having an official Independence Day.”

“Are they?” I says. “But sure, do we not have Paddy’s Day?”

“Yeah, but this will be January 21 – the day the first Dail sat back in 1919,” he says, getting all excited.

Davy loves the bit of history and harping on about the War of Independence and all the heroes and what have ye.

I’ve never been mad on wars – more of a Gandhi than a Collins man when it comes down to it – but sure, each to their own.

“I was reading about the lack of housing and lack of schools and things like that in the news,” I says to him. “Would they not be more important?”

“Of course they’re important,” he says. “But I still think these things should be marked.”

“And who came up with this bright idea?” I asked him.

“A Senator,” he says. “They’re going to discuss it in the Seanad!”

“The Seanad?” I says. “Well, isn’t it just as well we voted to keep that shower a few years ago. Who else would be looking out for these vital issues?”

Before he could pipe up, I popped the headphones back in and set off on me merry way again.

Sure, sometimes the best answers are the ones ye don’t want to hear!

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