David Clarke, Michelle Hetherington and James Stimpson with the cheque for €6,500 to present to help the homeless
David Clarke, Michelle Hetherington and James Stimpson with the cheque for €6,500 to present to help the homeless

A very generous Dublin restaurant has donated their entire day’s takings to a homeless charity.

Wishbone donated the proceeds of their sales on December 3 to Inner City Helping Homeless (ICHH), handing over a cheque for €6,500 to the charity on Monday.

It is the second year in a row the Montague Street restaurant ran the initiative, raising even more money this year.

Owner James Stimpson told Dublin Gazette they were delighted with how it went.

He said: “It was great. It was our second year doing it; last year we made €5,000, so I wanted to better that.

“We also had the ICHH van outside and collected [toy-filled] shoeboxes and donations of toys.

“It was brilliant – everybody went out of their way. Everybody was buying an extra can of coke or dessert because they knew that all the money was going to go to charity.

“It’s really nice. It’s a real feel-good factor.” James used to travel on the train from Malahide into town for work and his heartstrings were
pulled when he saw see homeless people on the street every day. It was then that he decided he wanted to do something to help. He said:

“I live in Malahide and I used to get the train to Pearse. I’d walk from Pearse to Wishbone and I’d see first-hand all the homeless people.

“I’d see them first thing in the morning waking up on the streets and then I’d leave the restaurant at 11pm and I’d see them, and it would break your heart.

“Then I saw that this charity [ICHH] that were just amazing. They were bringing our soup, sandwiches, coffees a n d everything [to donate to homeless people] so it was a nobrainer.”

James said that they will continue to support ICHH every Christmas.

They are also opening up two more restaurants in the new year, one in Dorset Street and one in Kilkenny, and the restaurants will continue this generosity and raise funds for the local charities in the areas.

“Wherever we are, we will do something for local charity,” said James.

He is also hoping that other businesses will be encouraged and follow suit.

“It would be amazing if other restaurants followed trend or even donated a day’s coffee sales,” added James.