Nestlé announces new vegan KitKat is coming soon

by Amy Rohu

One of the world’s most popular chocolate bars will soon be available in a vegan friendly version, thanks to Nestlé. The ‘KitKat V’ which is due to launch later this year has been in demand for some time, with the bar being highly requested on the company’s social media pages.

The KitKat V features four of the trademark crispy wafer fingers of the original bar, but this one is covered in a smooth plant-based chocolate, free from dairy.

Alex Gonnella, Marketing Director for Nestlé Confectionery said “We have seen an incredible response to our vegan friendly Fruit Pastilles since their launch last year, so we know how much people want to enjoy alternative versions of their favourite treats.”

He added “There is a quiet food revolution underway that is changing how people eat. We want to be at the forefront of that, championing the discovery of plant-based food and beverages. What better proof of that than offering a plant-based version of one of our oldest and most famous brands? The new KitKat V means people can enjoy a delicious vegan option when they have a break.”

While vegan customers have been hoping for this old favourite to be veganized the bar is not just for them. Alexander von Maillot, the head of confectionary at Nestlé said ‘This product is for everyone who wants a little more plant-based in their life’. The bar will be launched in stores later in 2021.

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