Bushmills team up with Rebel Chilli for cocktail masterclasses

by Rachel Darcy

Bushmills Irish Whiskey has collaborated with hot sauce specialists, Rebel Chilli, to host a series of online cocktail masterclasses this winter.

The events are part of their Black Bush Stories campaign, which celebrates the parallels between Bushmills and an individual and their craft, while providing an opportunity for attendees to discover a new skill.

Since establishing Rebel Chilli in 2014, Paul Moore has come a long way from working in his mother’s kitchen, and he now supplies some of the largest retailers in Ireland. 

As part of the collaboration, Paul has created a Black Bush Barrel Aged Hot Sauce, inspired by the similarities between the maturation process used to create both Bushmills whiskey and Rebel Chilli’s hot sauce.

Paul will join Bushmills Brand Ambassador, Lauren McMullan, to host a number of online events across November and December to celebrate the fusion of whiskey and hot sauce, and to unveil the limited edition product.

Attendees at the ‘Black Bush & Hot Sauce’ events will enjoy a Bushmills whiskey tasting. Guests will learn about the supreme craftsmanship that goes into spirit and sauce alike, before mixing the two together in an interactive cocktail masterclass.

“I love whiskey and I love hot sauce, so this was a really fun product to make and I can’t wait for everyone at the events to try it,”says Paul.

“We have aged the sauce in Black Bush barrels for two months, rolling the barrel every two days, to ensure the best all round flavour – we wanted to really pull the flavour out of the wood and impart the rich, full and fruity flavours on the sauce.”

The ‘Black Bush & Hot Sauce’ events will take place across two weeks, commencing November 26, with 13 event slots to choose from.

Tickets cost €12 and include an event kit with all of the tools needed to take part. Tickets are available at blackbushstories.com.

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