Quality sweets delivered to your Street with this new offering

by Rachel Darcy

From today, Quality Street fans no longer need to leave their street, home or even their armchair to buy tins of their favourite sweets, as the brand launch an online store.

For the first time, shoppers will be able to buy bespoke tins of Quality Street all year round from qualitystreet.co.uk.

Visitors to the site can select up to six different sweets or opt for the classic Quality Street mix in their tins, which they can personalise with a name of their choice and have it delivered straight to their door. It makes gifting easy, as you can also get a free personalised card with every order.

Maria McKenna, Confectionery Marketing Manager, Nestlé Ireland said: “Last year, we had an overwhelming response to our Quality Street pop-up activation, so we already know how much people love to personalise their Quality Street tins.

“We are now taking that one step further by offering them the chance to also choose the perfect mix of their favourite sweets for that personalised tin. Even more exciting is the news that with our new Quality Street web shop, they can now do all this in a matter of clicks, from the comfort of their own home.

“Quality Street is perfect seasonal brand, but it’s also the ideal gift at any time. That’s why we are making it easier than ever to create and personalise your Quality Street experience. For instance, does your family vie for the Green Triangles and Caramel Swirls while Toffee Fingers are left in the tin? Now you can avoid debate this year and create a mix that everyone will love.

“What’s more, you will be able to purchase throughout the year, whether it’s for Easter or birthday gifts, as a thank you, or simply to surprise someone with a tin of what you know are their favourites.”

The site will offer 1kg tins of Quality Street costing €20.00 including delivery.

Maria McKenna added: “2020 will be a Christmas unlike any other, when familiar traditions become more important than ever. I’m pleased that through the webshop, we’ll be able to bring Quality Street to more Irish people and help bring friends and family together even if, for now, they may be physically apart.

“Quality Street is 84 years old and as popular today as it has ever been, but that doesn’t mean the brand hasn’t changed over the years. Today’s news is the latest exciting instalment in the Quality Street story and will hope it will make the brand feel closer to all its fans, old or new.”

For more information, and to see the service for yourself, visit QualityStreet.co.uk.

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