Dublin’s top picks for a picnic ahead of International Picnic day

by Juliana Reyes
Picnic hamper

Next Tuesday, June 18, is International Picnic Day and there are various beautiful places in Dublin that are perfect for a picnic – weather permitting, of course.

For a good walk and a scenic place to picnic, try the South Wall Walk with the Poolbeg beach and lighthouse.

The walk from the Irishtown Nature Park to the lighthouse is a gorgeous walk and at the end is a nice beach for a picnic. Make sure to grab a blanket to sit on the sand.

Much, much closer to town, St Stephen’s Green is a great place for a central choice for a picnic.

There are places all around for a proper picnic with a blanket on the grass or on a picnic bench under a lush tree, making it a great location for a lunch picnic with some friends.

Another picnic gem in Dublin is the Dubh Linn Garden by Dublin Castle.

It is a quiet place that has a lot of space to lay out and have a good meal in the sun. It is close to the city centre and not a far walk from other areas.


For an afternoon picnic adventure, the Phoenix Park has many options, from areas for a nice meal and various grass areas to a picnic area that has many tables and seating.

It has enough room for someone to bring a football or frisbee and even options of biking around the park, or possibly to visit the Dublin Zoo.

No matter where the picnic is happening there are a few things that are needed to make it a proper picnic, such a blanket and food that was packed beforehand, or bring take-away (making sure to clean up afterwards).

For a longer picnic, bring something to play soft music or a book to read while relaxing.

So, try to take some time on Tuesday for a lunch outside and celebrate International Picnic Day.

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