New TV documentary follows Dublin based chef in Michelin journey

by Rebecca Ryan

A Dublin based chef features in a new documentary this Thursday on RTE One, about his quest in regaining a Michelin star.

‘Chasing Stars’ will air November 28 at 10.15pm on RTE One where viewers witness chef Damien Grey’s solo journey when after three years the doors close on ‘Heron and Grey’, a highly successful Michelin star restaurant he co-owned and ran with Andrew Heron. 

The documentary opens on January 26, 2019 the day that Damien and Andrew close the doors on Heron and Grey for the final time. It then follows Damien’s new food journey as he looks to create a brand-new restaurant and regain his Michelin star in only six months.

Following a full refurbishment of the space, head chef and proprietor Damian Grey (45), originally from Australia but now living in Walkinstown with his wife Claudine and two daughters, opens his restaurant in Blackrock named “Liath”, which is Irish for Grey.

‘Chasing Stars’ follows Damien’s journey through his food and his food influences and what it takes to make that step up to becoming a Michelin restaurant once again.

This documentary brings viewers on a rollercoaster of culinary experiences as Damien looks at wider industry issues like a global chef shortage, Brexit and changing global weather patterns.

Will Damien be awarded a Michelin Star in even less time than he and Andrew Heron got their first one?

‘Chasing Stars ‘airs Thursday, 28th November at 10.15pm on RTE One.

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