McDonald’s contributed €83.7 million to Dublin’s economy in 2017

by Rachel Darcy

A new report has revealed that McDonald’s contributed over €83 million to Dublin’s economy, and a whopping €196 million to the Irish economy in 2017.

McDonald’s have just launched a new report, ‘McDonald’s in Ireland’, that highlights the contribution of the company to Ireland’s economy.

The report looks at the impact McDonald’s has on the Irish economy through employment, the purchase of Irish produce and the support for local communities across Ireland and more.

Paul Pomroy, Chief Executive, McDonald’s UK & Ireland, said: “This Economic Impact Report highlights our strong partnerships with Irish suppliers and our commitment to Irish produce, which is vital to our business here in Ireland and across Europe. We are proud of our long-standing relationships with suppliers.

“We are very proud to launch this important report; the success of McDonald’s in Ireland would not be possible without our customers, suppliers, crew members and the dedication of our Irish franchisees, who provide local jobs, economic opportunities and ongoing community engagement across the year.”

The report revealed that McDonald’s contributed €83.7 million directly to the local economy in Dublin in 2017, through restaurant activity, employee salaries and its contribution to the national exchequer.

Also detailed in the report is that McDonald’s spent €53 million with Irish suppliers during the time of the report, making the restaurant one of the largest purchasers of Irish beef by volume, working with over 1,200 farmers in Ireland who supply beef to all McDonald’s restaurants in Ireland.

McDonald’s employs 3,088 people in its 41 restaurants in Dublin, supporting local employment in the area, with over 40% of the workforce across Ireland represented by young people under the age of 22.

The report also shines a light on McDonald’s franchisee community,. The McDonald’s franchisees in Dublin are Amir Afsar, John Gallagher, Morgan McStay, Chris Pocock, James Perry, Gerry Hayden, Sean Quirke and Elaine Sterio.

Local McDonald’s franchisee James Perry said: “This report highlights the positive impact McDonald’s has in Dublin and indeed on a national scale. While McDonald’s is a global brand, the franchise model means we are a collection of small local businesses who are embedded in our communities.

“I am proud to support local jobs and the local economy in Dublin and will continue to have an active role in the community.”

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