Just chillin’: Innovative chef turns food waste into ice cream

by Gazette Reporter

By Rose Barrett

Fancy an apple and peanut butter sorbet, a corn flavoured vegan gelato or a tahini and banana skin ice-cream?

That’s what Dublin-based chef Giselle Makinde is producing with her novel no waste ‘Cream of the Crop Artisan Gelato’ range.

Giselle, who lives in Portmarnock, is thrilled with the response to her novel production range and spent last weekend delivering her orders to a growing customer base.

Better still, her quirky gelato range is made from 100% left over fruits – surplus stock that would simply have been dumped.

Brazil native Giselle told Dublin Gazette: “I’ve been a chef for 20 years. Even back then when my uncle, who had a market stall, delivered left over fruits to my grandmother, we made jams, compotes and cakes.

“I grew up eating apple cakes, along with peaches and grapes and strawberries – all made from fruits my uncle couldn’t sell. I was always conscious of food waste, and the damage to the environment but that conversation isn’t prevalent in my native Brazil.

“Imagine one third of food purchased in general households is wasted including bread, fruit and vegetables – salad goods and fruit are particularly high. That’s globally, 1.3 billion tonnes of food wasted annually according to the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation.

“That is sickening in a world where we are facing excessive climate change, and some countries facing famines. I wanted to produce something that elongated the shelf life of products, that used surplus, unwanted foods”.

With her own business firmly in mind, Giselle did a course with the Local Enterprise Office in Finglas last year before launching her gelato venture.

She explained: “Gelato has fewer calories, less cream and less air in the production process. So therefore, better flavour on the palette. It has lower fat content too but I’ve also developed a vegan friendly gelato in my small lab at home, my production hub.

“All of the products are made, frozen and packaged at home by myself. During the pandemic, I finally put my business plans in place. Hussey’s supply all the surplus fruits, which otherwise would be dumped.

“This week, I’m also introducing a raspberry with ruby chocolate (natural pink chocolate). I am so surprised at my customers loving the different flavours, such as the tahini and banana skin – it’s vegan and people just love it.

“My sorbets are plant-based so therefore vegan friendly. Often, there might be only one vegan per household so my orders are mixed, and it’s great to see customers enjoying all the products”.

Box costs €28 with four flavours included, free delivery in Co Dublin. See creamofthecropgelato.com for details.

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