Dublin woman is brewing up the perfect business with tea venture

by Padraig Conlon

A Dublin woman who used a serious accident as a catalyst to create a successful business, has come a long way in four years.

In 2015, Dr Rosalind Beere was knocked down by a drunk driver while getting into her car.

The impact caused four bulging discs in her back and a serious knee injury.

Beere was fully aware of the importance of being healthy while on bed rest with her injuries.

Being addicted to sugar free caffeinated beverages for over 20 years, she knew something had to change.

While on bed rest and with her injuries, there wasn’t much she could do to start her health journey besides change her diet.

She was aware green tea had a plethora of health benefits and would be a great way to kickstart her health journey, however she just couldn’t stand the taste.

No matter what kind of green tea she bought, there was no way she could see herself consistently drinking it to make a difference in her life.

And that was when she got the idea to blend her own tea.

Beere started blending different types of teas and herbs right in her kitchen until she “tasted perfection.”

Through extensive research and sampling of over 60 different teas, Beere found an organic producer in Yunnan, South West China that is family owned and sustainably sourced.

With a focus on wellbeing and the environment, all Chi Fit tea bags are chemical free, biodegradable, and vegan friendly.

In addition to this, all packaging is eco-friendly and fully recyclable.

Beere started offering her tea blend to friends and family as an experiment and found everyone loved them!

It was then she recognised her blend’s true potential and uncovered a great opportunity to break into the Irish tea market.

Beere established Chi Fit in January 2018 and since launching her completely bootstrapped company has been scaling her business from online orders to stockists around the country.

Chi Fit has seen a dramatic increase between its first and second year in business, experiencing 400% growth from 2018 to 2019 and is now available in over 50 Boots stores nationwide, along with Meaghers Pharmacy, The Health Food Shop and Donnybrook Fair.

Beere hopes to continue expansion of Chi Fit in the Irish market, while also breaking into the US retail market, and continuing to expand her range of wellness teas and products.

Rosalind grew up in Rathgar and currently lives with her husband, and three children in Donnybrook, Dublin.

The successful young mum operates Chi Fit from an office in her house.

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