Vegan pop-up store to celebrate World Vegan Day for one day only

by Rebecca Ryan

This Friday Boojum, renowned for its meat-packed burritos, is going vegan to mark World Vegan Day with a pop-up store in Dublin.

The brand’s Millennium Walkway store in the heart of Dublin city centre will see an exclusively vegan menu for one day only, going meat, dairy and egg free with the introduction of a number of limited time only, plant based menu items alongside new vegan versions of popular menu staples.

Boojum Managing Director, David Maxwell said: “Our fully customisable menu format has allowed us to cater to vegan and vegetarian customers since day one.

“As our business has grown, we have seen more and more consumers move to plant-based diets or simply opting to reduce their meat consumption.

“As an innovative brand we continue to develop our offering to meet the demand for more menu options, flavours and tastes that cater to this growing customer base.”

There’ll be plenty of yummy new menu arrivals for the day including a brand-new limited time only Chipotle Spiced Butternut Squash, red Cabbage and Pumpkin seed dish, vegan Cheesy Cheese and Boojum’s own signature vegan Sourcream, alongside Vegan Pollo and Vegan Barbacoa options, which will see meat alternatives added to the menu for the very first time.

Customers availing of the exclusively vegan menu on Friday will also be in for a treat, dining in the brands freshest store, hot on the heels of a €100K facelift last month.

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