Dublin’s Olympic Sailor Annalise Murphy joined rugby player Donnacha Ryan to launch a new campaign aimed at encouraging the nation to spread their wings and try something new with chicken recipes.

Irish people seem to love their chicken, with 95% of Irish households purchasing chicken regularly, according to a Kantar survey in September.

However, while chicken may be a staple in our fridges, one can be guilty of relying on the same tried and tested recipes.

Annalise trained at Ballymaloe Cookery School and said she has a keen interest in all things food-related and is always experimenting with new recipes and flavours.

Dublin Gazette caught up with the Rathfarnham athlete who said she is “really excited” to be part of Bord Bia’s Make It Your Way campaign.
Of the chicken-highlighting campaign, she said: “It’s a really good fit for me because, well, first of all, I love cooking!

“Secondly, chicken is a massive part of my diet. Being an athlete, chicken is one of the most ideal ways get in a high-protein meal.

“It’s low in fat and fills you up pretty easily, and best of all, you can do so many different things with it.”

Annalise is passionate about promoting healthy eating and finds she rarely gets sick.

She said: “I’m a big advocate of healthy eating, mainly because I have always eaten pretty healthily – I have to, because I’m an athlete.

“Due to having a healthy diet, I never really get sick.

“I feel really good the whole time and I’m convinced it’s down to having a healthy diet.

“That’s something that I think is very important. That, and some sort of exercise, are two things that you can really do to live a longer, better life.

“A lot of people just think that healthy food is boring food. But healthy food can be really interesting and tasty, it’s just about finding new recipes.”

She revealed her favourite way of cooking chicken is a thai chicken curry because it’s “really easy” to make.

She also likes roast chicken because you can just “lash it in the oven!”

The Olympic silver medallist filled us in on how her preparation for Olympics 2020 in Toyko is going.

“Preparation for the Olympics is going well. I have changed into a two-person boat, which is really fun, because I’m a member of a team, rather than just myself.

“I’m now sailing with my friend, Katie. It’s really challenging, training every day and trying to get better every day.

“We have to qualify in December for the Olympics, but our first big competition together is the European Championships and that’s in May.

“This will be our first test to see how all our hard training over the winter has paid off and we’re excited for what’s to come!”

For recipe inspirations, check out bordbia.ie/qualitychicken.