A dining delight in Temple Bar

by Aisling Kennedy

WALKING into The Meeting House is unlike walking into any other restaurant in Dublin. Straight away, your eye is drawn to magnificent murals that adorn the walls, big bold beautiful colour schemes, and a very firm retro style throughout.
Located in the heart of Temple Bar, in Meeting House Square, The Meeting House opened a year and a half ago and has been quietly growing ever since.
The menu is a Burmese sharing menu, divided into four sections – dim sum, wok, seafood, and meat dishes, with a side orders section.
Prices for each dish were very reasonable, with the dim sum dishes such as tuna tacos and mini Asian chicken burgers costing only €9.99 each. The larger dishes, such as the vegetarian coconut curry and the tofu “scallops”, cost just €10.99 each.
Nothing on the menu cost over €11.99 per dish, and the side dishes cost €3.99 each. There was also an accompanying wine menu and a separate cocktail menu, which I was delighted to see.
I chose the prawn tempura, Burmese chicken htamin gyaw, and the pepper crusted fillet steak, while my boyfriend chose the warm duck salad, beef noodle soup, and the pork dumplings. All six dishes were beautifully presented and not disappointed.
The prawn tempura in particular stood out as the best dish – they were quite simply the best prawns I have ever had in Dublin.
The pepper crusted fillet steak was also beautifully cooked. Perfection, plain and simple.
Without a doubt, all six dishes were cooked to a high standard and it was a restaurant that I would certainly recommend to friends and family.
It was a great night out with a lively atmosphere, great food, and excellent service. Highly recommended.


PICKY was surprised to have overlooked The Meeting House (Meeting House Square, Dublin 2; tel 01 670 0330), as it turned out to be well worth the visit. Great staff and, more importantly, delicious dishes made a great impression – Picky will be back …

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