Find your formula for sun-kissed skin

by Emma Nolan

While we’re on the subject of swimwear, skin care and sun protection has to get a mention.

Vichy’s new Ideal Soleil range includes sun protection that suits sensitive skin.

The Ideal Soleil Anti-Sand Milk (€19.50) has a formula that safeguards against the abrasive effects of sand, which can irritate the skin.

Its anti-adherence texture helps prevent the sand from sticking to the skin, allowing it to be easily brushed away.

Its texture is light with a dry touch finish for comfortable application.

The Ideal Soleil Anti-Blemishes Spf 30 Mattifying Corrective Care (€19.99) is great for oily skinned folks.

Using suncream on your face can be a nightmare if you have oily skin because even though you need the sun protection, your pores are ruined for weeks afterwards.

This new formula is specifically created for oily, imperfection-prone skin.

Its triple action formula of niacinamide, LHA and salicylic acid, targets blemishes, pores and shine while a high protection SPF 30 limits the damage caused by the sun’s UV rays. An anti-sebum active ensures a nine hour mattifying action.

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