Dogs Trust launches funky new online store

by Emma Nolan

DOGS TRUST has launched a funky online store featuring a range of casual clothing and merchandise for both humans and dogs alike.
Stylist and model Michele McGrath was on hand to launch the new store which was created with dogs and dog lovers in mind.
The one-stop shop has everything from adults to kids, dog themed apparel and homeware to doggie products, treats and toys for your four legged friends.
It even has a personalised products section where you can buy bespoke towels and cushions for your pampered pooch or upload your favourite photo of your pup to print on a canvas frame.
All the products have been designed to an extremely high quality and feature clever canine one-liners including: “TheDogfather” “That’s so Fetch!”, “S’up Dog?”, “Be The Person Your Dog Thinks You Are” and many more dog inspired quotes.
Speaking at the launch of the new online store, Michele McGrath said: “I’m absolutely in love with all of the clothes and products in the new online shop at Dogs Trust. My favourite thing about it has to be the personalised products section – it’s so easy to create and order personalised items such as towels, cushions and even canvas prints.
“They will make the most beautiful and thoughtful gifts coming up to Christmas for loved ones, and the best part is that all proceeds go to Dogs Trust so you’re also helping to save a dogs life at the same time.”
Suzie Carley, executive director at Dogs Trust said: “We are extremely proud of our clothing and retail range which has been especially designed with dog lovers in mind.
“We put so much time and effort into ensuring all of our products are of excellent quality while also looking really cool and stylish at the same time!
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