Merrion Fertility Clinic is currently celebrating a key milestone, as it looks back at its establishment 20 years ago by Professor Mary Wingfield and others at the National Maternity Hospital in Holles Street, as well as looking ahead to continue meeting the needs of its clients.

The Clinic remains Ireland’s only fertility clinic which is not for profit and partnered with a large maternity hospital, allowing its team to focus solely on its goal: to offer best-practice reproductive medicine and surgery that is evidence-based and supported by international research.

As the clinic celebrates its 20th birthday, it continues to be a leader in the area of fertility, providing more than 500 IVF cycles every year and achieving record pregnancy rates, having helped its patients to give birth to more than 2,000 babies since 1998.

Today, it provides a comprehensive range of advanced treatments including surgery, IUI, IVF, ICSI, egg and sperm freezing, testicular biopsy, treatments with donor sperm and ovulation induction.

Drawing on years of experience in the area of reproduction, its expert team includes Prof Wingfield, who has a particular interest and expertise in endometriosis.

Along with Dr Cathy Allen, Dr Fiona Martyn and Dr Helen Spillane, she manages a wide range of gynaecological conditions including fibroids, polycystic ovarian syndrome and pelvic adhesions, while male fertility assessments and treatments are also provided, including surgical sperm retrieval where required.

Patients have the option of being seen by doctors at the Merrion Fertility Clinic or at the public fertility clinic in the National Maternity Hospital, with whom the clinic has a valued, close relationship.

The clinic’s doctors work half-time in Holles St, giving Merrion Fertility Clinic access to a unique range of expert medical and surgical services including early pregnancy services, obstetric care, consultant anaesthetists, laboratory and radiology services and access to state-of-the-art operating theatres.

Once pregnant, its patients have the option of continuing their pregnancy care at the hospital.

In 2017, the clinic expanded its research department, reinforcing its commitment to continued innovation and excellence, and allowing it to build on existing links with Trinity College, UCD and the Royal College of Surgeons.

After these first 20 years, the clinic’s team are as committed as ever to its founding mission, leading the way in research and quality in assisted reproduction and advocating for people in Ireland who have conditions that affect their fertility.

For further information on Merrion Fertility Clinic, see or see its Facebook page.


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