Counselling during COVID with Ross Askins

by Gazette Reporter

Feelings, and fears can be triggered, and heightened by worldly events such as the recent, infamous pandemic known globally as the Coronavirus.

Now, though, more and more people are stepping out again from self-isolation, into a

brand new world with a completely new way of living, and thinking also; as a psychotherapist, the latter interests me greatly.

Anxiety and depression are very common issues people suffer from nowadays for myriad reasons, and seek advice to work through via medications and/ or talk therapies like mine.

Many of my clients come to speak with me weekly, and the world can often follow them in; fears of death, disease and dying are at an all-time high due to the global pandemic and it’s toll on humanity at large. But I hear them all speaking with a newfound appreciation for the jobs they have (and used to hate), for a passing “hello” from a stranger out for a walk, and an entirely new perspective on what life was, is, and could potentially become. My clients have found themselves during lockdown, when the world paused. Getting to know yourself a little more

deeply is essential. And that is a goal of mine for clients who walk through my door.

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