Contact MABS now, don’t wait for a knock on the door

by Gazette Reporter

Many people have been affected financially by the current pandemic, whether through loss of their employment or are receiving a reduced wage payment. The Government has engaged with many stakeholders, such as energy providers and the banking industry, to secure protections for those who experience difficulties at this time.

While these protections are welcomed, MABS would encourage people to look beyond the 3 month payment breaks and stay on disconnections and to start budgeting now for when the protections are no longer available.

MABS advisers recommend that anyone who has a loss of income or other changes in their circumstances, to make contact

with their creditors now to discuss what long term options might be available. If you feel unable to make contact with your creditors, or you need guidance on budgeting, MABS is available to support you.

You can contact the MABS Helpline which is available from 9am – 8pm, Monday to Friday, by dialing 0761 07 2000 or you can email

We request that all communications are sent to us electronically so that we will be in a position to receive and respond from a secure location. contains a list of telephone numbers and email addresses and locations of all MABS services country wide. It also has updated links and information regarding COVID-19.

You can also access MABS Messenger service via For the latest information follow MABSinfo on Twitter ( and Facebook (

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