Celebrating Equality

by Dublin Gazette

June is recognised globally as ‘Pride’ month, a celebration of the LGBT+ community world wide.

Pride parades across the world are held in a celebration of equality, and the recently found freedoms of the LGBT+ community.

They’re intended to allow the community express themselves in whichever way they see fit. Now, brands such as H&M have released ‘Pride’ collections, intended to celebrate the colourful personalities and multiple different invididuals in the LGBT community.

For H&M, 10% of sales from their ‘Love For All’ collection will benefit UN Free & Equal, an organisation dedicated to ‘standing up for’ Lesbian, Gay, Transgender, Bisexual and Intersex individuals across the globe.

The collection is available in H&M stores across Dublin now, with all pieces limited edition.


€14.99, H&M


€9.99, H&M



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