Cat rescue centre needs [some] money in the kitty

by Gazette Reporter

Phibsboro Cat Rescue has been saving kitties in Dublin since August 2014 and will soon open a second facility just off Smithfield Square, aptly named ‘The Inner Purr’.

‘Saving the world one kitty at a time’ is the charity’s slogan and that’s what appealed to cat lover Ruth McLoughlin who joined them in October last year.

She told Dublin Gazette: “Coming from a crazy cat family, when I moved out, I missed the company of cats and decided to utilise my spare time in cat rescue.”

A freelancer in subtitled work for TV and film, Ruth is from North Strand and will be head rescuer at the new facility which is expected to open in September.

The Inner Purr is located at Brunswick St North, just off the main square in Smithfield.

“We don’t currently have a large enough facility to keep the cats that we trap and neuter,” said Ruth, “while we await forever homes or in the case of neutered feral cats which we return to their area.

“Every cat gets seen by a vet during their time in quarantine following an emergency rescue, but we badly need a place to care for them before they are returned or a permanent home found”.

The charity needs €20,000 to fit out the new facility and its appeal has reached almost €7,000 with six weeks to go before opening day.

Ruth revealed: “One of the most exciting part of the premises will be a play-zone area where people can visit under supervision, and see the more friendly kitties who may be looking for forever homes.

“The Smithfield premises will have internal pods to cater for assessment and admittance areas, quarantine, play-zone area, food supplies and storage.

“We will have greater storage for equipment and donations such as food and bedding, litter trays, cat carriers – supplies vitally needed to continue our rescue services.”

Phibsboro Cat Rescue is a no kill cat rescue. Their mission is to help homeless, stray and feral cats and kittens in and around Dublin through a Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR), along with rescue, fostering and rehoming.

Over 1,500 feral cats have been TNRed, and others rescued, tamed and found loving forever homes, with veterinary treatment provided when needed.

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