‘Boronavirus’ burnout a real risk, warns business expert

by Gazette Reporter

The combined stress of the pandemic and Brexit is pushing some to the brink, it has been warned.

Business performance specialist Shane Cradock says many business leaders and senior level executives are experiencing ‘Boronavirus’ burnout.

Shane, who has worked as an advisor to a wide range of Fortune 500 companies, has had to redevelop all of his courses to enable people to deal with the onset of a rapidly changing environment.

Having suffered from both burout and depression in the past he will share his experiences and address current issues at an upcoming seminar.

With Ireland officially in recession and a recent report from the ESRI revealing SMEs may have lost between €6 and €10 billion between March and June this year, Shane has experienced firsthand the pressure business leaders are experiencing.

He said: “Between the pandemic and Brexit, Ireland’s business leaders are suffering hugely from the level of uncertainty they are experiencing.

“I myself have had to adapt my own business model to cater for the new challenges leaders are facing to enable them to perform to the best of their ability.

“Clarity and purpose seem to be the main concerns along with ways of remaining in business.”

Places for Mindshift, which will be held online, are still available. For more information visit https://shanecradock.com/mindshift/

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