BMW bounces back with latest 5 series

by Gazette Reporter

BMW’s latest 5 Series models bounce back on the market with new levels of performance, economy and enhanced driver features. The 5 Series has always been a great driver’s car and the new generation brings that to a new level, as Michael Moroney found out when he pushed the BMW 520d M Sport saloon metal to the floor.


BMW’s new 520d M Sport saloon bounces back in the market with improved styling and a host of driver features designed to make the car an even better driving experience. The styling changes for the new BMW 5 Series are subtle, you’ll still not mistake the car for being a 5 Series, it’s just that the design is sharper and more modern, giving kind of faster look to it.
Almost every aspect of the new BMW 5 Series has been re-engineered for a level of performance that still keeps a focus on economy. The new car is lighter while being more powerful than before and marginally more spacious. BMW rate the car in terms of power to weight and given that they have shaved over 100kg from the car’s weight and added more power, the figure of 11kg per kW of engine power, is impressive.
When you drive the seventh generation 520d M Sport saloon, the styling and optional features ensure that the driving experience is a good one. The new 520d M Sport saloon is very much a driver’s car. The engine performance is such that irrespective of which of the performance settings chosen, Sport Comfort, EcoPro or Comfort, you’ll still enjoy the driving experience.
The four-cylinder twin-turbo diesel engine powering the BMW 520d M Sport has an output of 190hp at 4,000rpm and that’s a match for the competition in terms of the Audi A6 and Mercedes-Benz E220d. And the torque performance is a match too with all three coming in at a maximum torque figure of 400Nm.
For the BMW 520d M Sport that converts to impressive range with the full 66 litre capacity fuel tank. While I recorded an economy figure of close to 40% off the rated figure of 23km/litre (4.3/100km or 65mpg), I was still getting over 950km on the tank. That’s impressive economy for a big car and a car that can perform on the road, if and when needed.
The automatic gearbox is smooth running through an eight-speed Steptronic system. This helps to achieve the good fuel economy figures and with the EcoPro setting you can maximise your economy targets.
BMW has put a lot of effort into reducing the overall weight of the new 5 Series as well as the drag co-efficient. They claim that the lower weight is achieved by using more aluminium including the boot lid, which alone shaved 4.2kg from the car’s weight.
This new car comes with a SIM card built in as standard for the ConnectedDrive Services. The system brings new levels of connectivity and access to the portfolio of BMW services without being dependent on the customer’s own smartphone.
These services include the Concierge Service, Online Entertainment, and the RTTI (Real Time Traffic Information) that allows BMW 5 Series drivers to avoid traffic jams. There’s also the Intelligent Emergency Call system.
There is a host of automatic safety features in the new BMW 520d M Sport saloon, including traffic sign recognition and the lane departure system that comes close to giving autonomous driving. The lane departure system took a little getting used to, and it’s a sign of what’s coming in future generations.
The new BMW 520d M Sport is a solidly impressive driver’s car that’s competitive at €56,980 with the A6 and E220d. All three come with significant extras available in their options listing making it so easy to push up the price of your final choice of car.
This is a great driver’s car that should be cost-effective to own due to its impressive economy and low CO2 rating.

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