Blade Runner 2049

by Shane Dillon

TECH purists may disagree, but this next bit absolutely belongs here rather than on the Cinema page – after months of teaser trailers, a proper trailer for Blade Runner 2049 has just been released, and as we all know, Blade Runners hunt replicants, and replicants are androids, and androids are pure tech, so there!

After an awfully, awfully long wait (some 35 years or so) for fans of the truly classic sci-fi original to get a sequel, the new trailer suggests that much of the look and tone of the original film has been successfully captured.

While the first film had mixed reviews – to say the least – it’s now regarded as a true cinema classic that had a significant cultural impact.

It’s also a film which had an enormous and continuing impact on many games, from the cyberpunk thrillers that were once all the rage to more modern contemplative games about identity and purpose.

To this very day, games and cinema alike continue to give nods to the seminal film in everything from design to visuals, story and tone, making it a cross-cultural milestone to celebrate.

As a disclaimer, I played the point-and-click Blade Runner adventure game on PC yonks ago, and proved utterly rubbish at chasing down and ‘retiring’ replicants, which probably all subsequently enjoyed brief but fulfilling lives murdering humans because I was the Worst Cop Ever in that city. Sorry about that.

You’ll have to wait until October 6 for Blade Runner 2049’s standard, 3D and IMAX release, but check out Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford in the trailer, today, with some screengrabs here to help whet your appetite …

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