Better budgeting with new 3Money

by Emma Nolan

A quarter of Dublin consumers are impulse buyers, according to a survey of 1,000 Irish adults released by Three.
The research also shows that almost half (49%) of people save some money each month, with a further 27% putting money aside less regularly. However, almost a quarter are still struggling, with 24% saying that they are not able to save money.
As part of this research, Three have launched 3Money, a pre-paid debit card in partnership with MasterCard.
Available exclusively to Three customers, 3Money can be used online, in ATMs and in-store via chip and pin, or contactless payment. As customers can only spend what is on the card, 3Money aims to eliminate the possibility of overspending.
Customers can manage their money and check their balance through, or the new 3Money app.
Sign up for 3Money by visiting or by calling into your local Three store.

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