Winner, winner, Easter Eggs for Dinner!!!

by Amy Rohu

Aldi has announced today that Aneurin Moorthy from Sutton in Dublin is the winner of its Chief Easter Egg Tasting Officer role!

Aneurin, who was entered by his wife Ruth, won FREE chocolate in the form of Easter eggs, and a €500 Aldi Gift Card in exchange for tasting chocolate. The role involved tasting, rating and reviewing a selection of Aldi’s 2021 Easter Egg range!

When asked why she nominated her husband for the role, Ruth said:

“As long as I’ve known Aneurin he has been infatuated with chocolate and is a complete chocoholic.
The photo I sent to highlight this will show his expression of pure love when he got to design his own bunny in a chocolate factory. Aneurin is an Anaesthetist in the Mater hospital and I’m a nurse. We have worked really hard over the last year due to the pandemic whilst also having to cancel our honeymoon and getting no chance to celebrate our marriage. We really have had very little to keep us going and our dog and chocolate have been our only sanity. This would make him so genuinely happy.

Here are the results of Aneurin’s Taste Test! See his top 5 picks below:

Roisin’s Irish Honeycomb Easter Egg €7.99/270g – “The special thing about this egg is the combination of melting in your mouth chocolate accompanied by the crunchy pieces of honeycomb is very appealing.”
Moser Roth Ripple Egg – Belgian White Chocolate and Forest Fruits €4.99/200g –The texture is quite soft, creamy and inviting and the chocolate is mostly fine. The mixture of the forest fruits is a nice twist.”
Moser Roth Ripple Egg – Belgian Milk Chocolate and Salted Caramel €4.99/200g – “The design of this egg is quite eye catching with a ripple effect surface laced with streaks of caramel colour.”

Moser Roth Chocolate Lovers Duo Egg – Dark Chocolate €7.99/330g
– “The cocoa composition is 71% which is a dark chocolate lovers dream.”
Áines Premium Easter Egg – Dark Chocolate €9.99/500g – It’s a perfect mixture of cocoa and milk. It’s presented beautifully in a colourful wrapper. This egg is just irresistible!”
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