Entertainment broadcaster Colum McCormack Crowe: “With live radio, you just do not know what’s going to happen”

CORK native Colum McCormack Crowe is a rising star when it comes to entertainment news. Presenting as an entertainment presenter on Dublin’s Classic Hits 4FM on the Niall Boylan Show, and also as a freelance journalist, every day for the media all-rounder is very different.
Colum said that there is no such thing as an average day for him.
He said: “I usually get up around 6.30am and sit on the sofa for a while, then head out for a walk before I start working.
“Because I’m a freelance journalist, I never know what the next day might throw at me.
“One day I could be doing nothing but drinking coffee, but the next could have me bogged down with multiple assignments.
“I have also a barbershop and a hairdresser in Cork, but on Fridays when I’m doing the Niall Boylan Show I have to travel three and a half hours from Cork to Dublin by bus.
“I would consider the bus as my office, because I have the opportunity to get a lot of my research done for the show while travelling to Dublin.
“I actually love taking the bus because it’s certainly a lot more relaxing and easier than driving.”
Colum added that up until recently he ran his own magazine in Cork, but decided to “lay it to rest” due to the stress and undivided commitment involved.
“I much prefer working for someone else because when you’re running your own publication you have no time at all to do anything else.
“It was literally a 24 hour a day job, and didn’t offer any variation. I prefer freelancing a whole lot more because of the versatility involved.
“If you’re in the media industry, it’s very important to enjoy your job and all the variations that come with it.”
Asked if anything out of the ordinary every happened while live on air, Colum said: “All the time. With live radio, you just do not know what’s going to happen. Only two weeks ago when we were just about to go on air my computer just crashed.
“I went completely blank because I didn’t have my notes in front of me, but luckily Niall had a couple of his notes on his computer so he just turned it around so I could have an idea what I was supposed to talk about, which was gas!
“After the show, and after the long journey home to Cork, I would usually get in the door around 7.40pm. From then on I get into something more comfortable, maybe order a Chinese and just chill out.
“I’m not as young as I used to be, and usually find myself getting tired by 10,” said the 39-year-old.


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