Get Halloween Happy with George to support the CMRF

by Alison O'Hanlon
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Little George Carroll is a bubbly seven-year-old, mad into Pokemon, the Investigators and all the Marvel heroes. Last year, George was diagnosed with an extremely rare bone disease called CRMO. 

This is an autoimmune disease, whereby the immune system mistakenly attacks healthy tissue and organs, causing inflammation, joint pain and lesions. 

“Last August, we finally got the diagnosis, but we have been attending hospital for four years with this. Finally, after a long process of elimination, CRMO was diagnosed,” said George’s mum, Leah Skerret. 

Leah and George’s dad Declan Carroll have watched their son’s energy decline and he is no longer able to participate in outdoor sports activities and gets exhausted by any physical activity. 

“He has extreme pain, exhaustion,and has developed a slight limp,” said Leah. The family live in Clondalkin and George attends Lucan Community National School (CNS) where he is now in second class. 

“He is such a big Pokemon fan and loves to play Sports Night on the playstation or Minecraft – all the kids on the road will come and join him and play for a few hours,” said Leah. 

“He is bubbly by nature, and he’d chew the ears off you chatting! Rarely complains about the pain. He is so brave, always trying to fight the condition. Every two weeks he has bloods done, and once every three months, he goes to see the consultant. 

“There is no known cure, he is trialling treatment at the moment but we will have to wait for further MRIs to see if the treatment is helping. 

“George is currently under the care of Crumlin Hospital and is working directly with the Medical Research team. We are in regular contact with a research nurse, Breda Kane and that’s where we are donating the money from our Halloween fundraiser to.” 

Halloween Happy! 

The family which lives in Clondalkin are asking for readers to support their forthcoming event. 

“We’ve had such wonderful kindness and support from the CRMF team, we’d like to in turn, support the amazing work they do,” said Leah 

Leah, who works in the insurance sector and Declan, who is a sales manager for a reputable windows and doors company, are calling on Gazette readers to join the event on Saturday, October 15. 

“We plan to complete a park walk on Saturday, October 15 and would be so grateful for your support! If you’d like to join us, we will be starting the walk at 5pm in Ballyowen Park on Fonthill Road,” said Leah.

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