Sunday, December 8, 2019

La-vely haul of awards for upbeat hit musical

We round up the Baftas - will the Oscars follow suit later this month?

Hop on the bus and see a real Dubs’ fare city

Dublin Bus have launched a fresh new way to see the city

Moonlight: Artfully crafted story explores the lives of gay black men in the US

The experience of LGBT people of colour is a cinematic subject rarely explored, and in the current social climate of America, one that is deeply necessary this awards season.

Make a date for Great TV

One dub pulled on the nation’s heart strings as he took his search for Mr Right to RTE's smash-hit, must watch show, First Dates

On the right track

T2 Trainspotting: Much anticipated sequel is heavy on nostalgia and humour

A fine waking daydream

20th Century Women: Period piece’s timeless characters strike a chord

Could be a little darker

Live by Night: The world of organised crime set in the Prohibition Era

Erin go Brazil

Insight: South Americans go nuts for Irish life

Fassbender takes a stab at playing a brutal killer

Assassin’s Creed: Shifts focus to all the boring bits from the games

Use the New Year to beat cancer

Take steps today to help make 2017 a better, healthier year for you