Sunday, January 20, 2019

Corner Boy: Wexford lads taking folk’s unconventional path

Wexford four-piece Corner Boy have given up on music’s well-trodden trails. That’s not a bad thing: with the long-awaited release of their third EP around...

Meet Wheatus – the rockers who’ve evolved to zeitgeist avoiders

New York pop-rockers Wheatus had a monster of a debut. Their first single, Teenage Dirtbag, was an iconic, catchy ditty that’s actually about distancing...

Cry Monster Cry are back on the scene with new single and Whelan’s gig

After stepping away from the spotlight to focus on family, Dublin brothers Richie and Jamie Martin are returning to the music scene as Cry...

Ranelagh’s emotive sister act creating delicate original tracks

CARRON’s emergence into the Irish music scene has been a slow burner. In fact, in a sense their soulful, organic-sounding harmonies and lyrically intense...

Still firmly rooted, naturally Gilbert O’Sullivan

In the 1970s, flat-capped crooner Gilbert O’Sullivan had quite a reputation. Seen as something of a thinking man’s Elton John, or a modernised lyric-writer...

Spirit of the Liberties

FADING photos star on the covers of Dublin rock band Fontaines DC’s early singles, the images featuring a variety of street-famous Dubs of old....

Superorganism: Music for the Internet Generation

When London-based Superorganism released their first single, some of them had never met. In fact, their lead vocalist, a Japanese girl living in the USA,...

Nerina Pallot: Growing Up In Music

In 2006, Nerina Pallot had a big, topical hit single with a perfect piece of peace-demanding pop, ‘Everybody’s Gone To War’. It was the aftermath...

Punching Up: The Left-Wing Folk of Grace Petrie

British politics, if we may make an observation across the Irish Sea for a moment, is in turmoil. Barely a day passes without the...

John Oates – Educating fans on his solo skill

John Oates is a soft-rock, pop and blues legend: a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee twice, in his own right, and alongside...

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