Wednesday, December 12, 2018
A Quiet Place

Ssh! A Quiet Place demands your attention

Less is more. We’ve all heard that mantra applied to one thing after another, though cinema tends to go very much the other way,...

Spielberg plays along with tech in terrific style

Videogame related content largely continues to be a tricky issue for directors, with plenty setting their sights on films based around games, but rarely...

A beast of a sequel, but ultimately it disappoints

Hamlet, it ain’t. That’s the core existential essence – and problem – at the heart of Pacific Rim Uprising (Cert 12A, 111 mins; hereafter...

A whole Lara adventure

Lara Croft – better known as the eponymous Tomb Raider (nobody tell Indiana Jones) – isn’t perhaps the most obvious of properties to reboot. For...

Id’s a little bit baffling

Following Ex Machina (2014) – a film which delved into the idea of consciousness and identity, filtered through the prism of machine intelligence –...

Oscars sparkled a little less

NOW that the Oscars are done and dusted, the glittering gowns have gone back to the designers, and Frances McDormand has been reunited with...

It deserves monstrous success at the cinema -The Shape of Water

WITH the entire country currently going into near meltdown over ‘The Beast from The East’, why not take a break to consider The What-The...
Damo & Ivor postervideo

Trailer released for Damo & Ivor The Movie

The official trailer for Damo & Ivor The Movie has been released in preparation for the movie's world premiere this Friday, March 2 at...
Still from Cloverfield Paradox

Cloverfield Paradox is a monster of a mess

Remember Cloverfield? The found-footage monster film that conquered the world back in 2008, followed by an indirect but decent sequel of sorts in 10...

Winchester has boring bullet points

THERE’S something about the haunted house as a narrative device that keeps seeing filmmakers returning to this tried and trusted cinema device time and...

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